Introducing the
LARGEST & FASTEST Waterjet cutting machine in the Midwest!
• Twin Ultra-High
   Pressure Pumps
• Dual Long-Life Heads
• 87,000 psi of Cutting Power
• Cutting Envelope of Over 40’!
• Dynamic Precision Control
Hammersmith Mfg. & Sales Inc. offers an extensive array of fabrication services to provide quality products and services. Our fabrications are tailored to your unique requirements and utilize state-of-the art equipment and processes.
Our capabilities in fabrication services include blasting, cleaning, waterjet cutting, plasma cutting, shearing, sawing, forming, welding and assembling.

We provide complete welding services, including robotic weld cells. We are experts at fitting and welding the pieces into assemblies, machining the pieces and assemblies to a tight tolerance and surface finish, and assembling the manufactured parts into finished products.

Our quality control and inspection procedures are second to none. We also offer a full line of Airless Painting Services to meet your requirements.
Celebrating 50 Years of Manufacturing Quality and Service!